The past 5 years have gone by so quickly and I still can’t believe this is actually my job - I am literally living my own dream. If I'm being honest, I have spent THOUSANDS of dollars on photography education. I’ve invested in mentorships with photographers I admire, I’ve gone to numerous workshops, and I’ve bought many different forms of online education…all because I want to be the best for my clients. I am so happy that you’re also willing to take the leap!

Why would we expect clients to invest in us if we are not going to invest in our own businesses?

Mentorships - $650 + tax

We’ll spend about 2 hours chatting about various topics. I am an open book!

Including, but not limited to:

  • How I Got Started

  • Workflow

  • Social media + Branding

  • Networking

  • Gear: What Works For Me

  • Q&A on specific topics of your choosing


You’ll get an in depth look into how I shoot and direct my couples. You’ll also get the chance to try some of my posing cues, get some new content of your own, and I’ll answer any questions you have.

I’ll also shoot some new headshots of YOU. You’ll get the chance to be in front of my camera because it’s always good for you to know just how your clients feel and I’ll send you some pretty new photos of yourself to show off all over your social media! Your clients want to see your face, promise!

50% is due at booking with the remainder due 1 week before your scheduled mentor session.