Hi! I'm Julia Daniel - the gal behind the lens at LJP.

I'm a nationally published wedding photographer (check out my feature with Southern Bride magazine by clicking here!) serving all of the mid-south area, including Memphis and Nashville, TN. I love to travel - wherever you are, I wanna be there too.

And here's the thing...I love love and I actually care about your wedding day, your families, and your relationships.

I truly can't imagine doing anything else with my life.



I use my camera to tell stories - to capture the genuine moments most important to my clients so that they can hold onto them for the rest of their lives. I love the little details. I love the small things that make your relationship unique.

Everyone's love story is different and I want to know yours - the good, the bad, and the ugly. 



I strive to make the process of hiring and working with a photographer as easy as possible!

I will wear many hats on your wedding day. I'm a veil straightener, dress fluffer, bridesmaid wrangler, and the groomsmen's new best friend. I've even been known to set my camera down to cut the cake for my brides - whatever it takes to keep your day running smoothly



Do you have a favorite spot? I want to go there!

Or I can show you some of mine. Let's explore. Let's get off the beaten path and do something fun (and maybe a little crazy.) 

I'm down if you're down.

Let's go on adventures together. 



Okay, so I might not have the outfit on...but when you're in front of my camera (and my friend!), I'm your biggest cheerleader. Having your photo taken can be completely awkward and I get that because I'm one of those people that haaaaaaates it too. 

I strive to make your experience with me easy and fun. I'm goofy and honest and you'll feel like a rockstar model, trust me. 



It's all in the details. I get it. I've been a hopeless romantic my entire life. I think it comes from a lifelong obsession with reading. And while I know that no relationship is perfect, I want to know YOUR story. How did you and your fiancé get here?

What are the things that you guys hold near and dear in your relationship? Is it a special date? A band you guys love because you met at the concert? I don't care if your "thing" is a bag of Cheetos.

Let's get a bag of Cheetos and talk about it.



While photography is what pays the bills, it's not a JOB for me. I love what I do. I love my clients. I get to hang out with you on what is truly one of the most important days of your life thus far. 

Weddings are my jam. When I'm not shooting my own clients' weddings, I love to second shoot for some of my photographer friends so I'm constantly surrounded by creativity. It drives my soul.



My name is Julia Daniel and I am a wedding photographer based in Memphis, TN.

I want to hear your love story.  I'm dedicated to my clients at all stages of their lives.

Let's meet for coffee (or margs!)

Contact me here.