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15 Engagement Photo Ideas // Love, Jules Photography

When it comes to your engagement photos, you want them to stay true to you and your significant other while also showcasing you guys in the best way possible!

An engagement session is the best way to celebrate your upcoming wedding day and so easy to share your happiness with your family and friends on social media! I also love when my clients PRINT their photos and use them as decor at their wedding reception!

Ingredients for the perfect engagement photo:

  • BOMB outfits
  • Bring your dogs.
  • Golden hour is the best hour.
  • Manicured nails to show off your new ring!
  • Did I say bring your dogs?
  • Dad-jokes for BIG laughter.
  • Let's go to your favorite spot!

Be prepared to laugh, play, and dance (just don't make me sing!) and wear outfits you feel amazing in! Get some ideas and check out my beautiful clients:

Favorites of 2017

Love, Jules Photography | Favorites 2017 | Memphis Wedding Photographer

As an artist, it's always interesting to see your own growth - especially within the span of an entire year. After choosing which images to include in this blog post, I realized that in 2017 I really loved black and whites, warmth, light, and shadows. 

I've been so fortunate to be able to shoot as much as I do. My year has been a whirlwind and full of so much adventure and I think that's pretty apparent in my selection below. 

Here are a few personal favorites (in no particular order) from my 2017. I hope you enjoy!

I can't wait to tackle 2018!